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  • 3 Feb 15

President Obama’s 2016 Budget Proposal Derails Energy Progress

This week, President Obama released the administration’s budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2016. As in year’s past, the proposed budget takes aim at the critical tax-provisions that support America’s independent oil and natural gas producers, companies with an average of just 12 employees who drill 95 percent of the nation’s oil and natural gas wells. […]

  • Energy Tax Facts
  • 25 Apr 14

National Journal (IPAA’s Barry Russell): Tax Treatment Ensures Shale Is a Bounty for State Governments

Tax Treatment Ensures Shale Is a Bounty for State Governments The energy industry is a rare bright spot in our economy – creating new jobs and opportunities for the American workforce while providing millions of dollars in state and federal tax revenue across the nation. As IHS-CERA recently highlighted, the development of unconventional oil and […]

  • Energy Tax Facts
  • 24 Apr 14

Wichita Eagle (KIOGA’s Ed Cross): Independent producers generating a domestic energy revolution

The American oil and natural gas industry has been a bright spot in our economy, with benefits felt across the nation and here in Kansas. Innovations spurred by small businesses and entrepreneurs have generated a domestic energy revolution. American oil and natural gas production is up because the small businesses that make up the independent […]

  • Energy Tax Facts
  • 18 Oct 13

My West Texas: IPAA Highlights Importance of Tax Code at Conference

A budget stalemate may have slowed government activity, but the oil and gas industry still should carefully watch several initiatives that could dramatically impact activity. Opening the annual Executive Oil Conference at the Horseshoe Tuesday, Ryan Ullman, director of government relations and political affairs at the Independent Petroleum Association of America, listed three areas for […]

  • Energy Tax Facts
  • 31 Jul 13

Houston Chronicle (Op-Ed): Removal of IDC Deduction Will Cost Us Jobs, Energy Security, and More

Texas is the largest oil and gas employer in the nation, and the city of Houston continues to be one of the most important energy centers in the world. There are almost 400,000 oil and gas workers in Texas, and last year alone that number increased by nearly 35,000. Houston is booming, and the economic […]

  • Energy Tax Facts
  • 22 Jul 13

Oil and Gas Journal: Study details impacts of repealing IDC deduction

Repealing the federal tax provision allowing oil and gas producers to deduct certain intangible drilling costs (IDCs) effective Jan. 1, 2014, would cost 190,000 US jobs in the first year and would cut drilling investments in the US by $407 billion over 10 years, a new study commissioned by the American Petroleum Institute found. “The […]

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  • 17 Jul 13

The Oklahoman (Op-Ed): Oil and gas industry contributed more than $2.7 billion in taxes to local and state governments in 2011

From 2008 to 2010, the United States was in a recession, the effects of which are still being felt. While Oklahoma’s state budget was squeezed, we weren’t forced into the drastic measures of some states — raising taxes, laying off workers and being forced to borrow money from the federal government. Oklahoma took a hit, […]

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  • 16 Jul 13

Des Moines Register (Op-Ed): Raising taxes on oil and gas hurts American energy security

The budget battles in Iowa and Washington, D.C., have again ignited the debate over national priorities. In a world of infinite wants and finite resources, our elected officials are forced to choose the best way to raise and allocate resources. Putting aside the superficial partisan squabbling, the process does illuminate what our elected officials truly […]