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  • Energy Tax Facts
  • 8 Feb 16

IPAA Combats Administration’s Proposed $10 Fee on Every Barrel of Oil

Last Thursday, the Obama Administration announced its plan to fund the nation’s transportation infrastructure with a  $10 fee on every barrel of oil produced in the United States.  Yet, the Administration was unclear on how this plan would work and how it would account for imported oil and petroleum products. IPAA was quick to respond […]

  • Energy Tax Facts
  • 25 Jul 13

Kearney Hub (LTE): Increasing Taxes on Oil and Gas Hurts Consumers

Increasing oil and gas taxes is a favorite standby of Washington politicians, just one more policy they use as a political tool and fail to recognize the real-life impact on their constituents. Any increases in costs are passed onto consumers, so the politically correct idea of increasing taxes on rich oil companies had the effect […]